Welcome Ladies!

Below is your Sponsorship Pitch Script. Be sure to modify and use in a way that feels natural, without leaving any of the key points out…

This script works both on the phone and when pitching your potential sponsors in person. Be sure you speak with the decision maker (i.e., Manager, Director, Owner, etc.) when pitching.

Hi (POTENTIAL SPONSOR’S FIRST OR LAST NAME)! [Extend your hand to shake hands if in person.]

My name is ___________ and I’m assisting Tamara Anderson with her amazing EVENT NAME on DATE in LOCATION. We’re getting great feedback from attendees/participants and chefs/vendors/sponsors who are excited about it and I’d love to promote THEIR COMPANY to the attendees (or participants) as they see you as a trusted COMPANY/ BRAND/ RETAILER in our community.

I know you’re busy so I’ll get right to the point!

The attendees are PROVIDE 1 OR 2 DEMOGRAPHICS THAT WOULD BUY FROM THEIR COMPANY. So, we’re being very intentional about only promoting those COMPANIES/ BRANDS/ RETAILERS that we’re sure our attendees/ participants would patronize. In addition to encouraging our attendees to patronize THEIR COMPANY, I’d love to offer you ONE OR TWO OF YOUR CREATIVE SPONSOR BENEFITS if you’d like to be a sponsor.

Your sponsorship of WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO PROVIDE would allow these DEMOGRAPHIC LADIES/ MEN/ KIDS, ETC.to COMPELLING REASON THEY SHOULD SPONSOR. FIRST OR LAST NAME, not only would they be appreciative of your sponsorship but as you can see, it would endear them to THEIR COMPANY. And if there is one thing I know about these DEMOGRAPHIC LADIES/ MEN/ KIDS, ETC., they are a loyal bunch!

Would you be interested in being promoted as a sponsor? [This is a rhetorical question so keep talking.] Again all we would need from THEIR COMPANY is WHAT YOU WANT SPONSORED and you’ll receive BENEFIT(S) in return.

FIRST OR LAST NAME, will you let us promote you as a sponsor?

Regardless of the outcome, be sure to thank the potential sponsor for their time. If they agree to sponsor, ask them if you can obtain the goods or service now. If you need to return at a later date, ask them when you should return. Then confirm the date and time with them right there on the spot.