Video – Use Your Seduction Skills to Make More Money In Your Biz

Some people are just natural born flirts. They do it so well, you don’t even realize they’re flirting with you until you’re taking out your phone to type in their number.

The same goes in business. Some entrepreneurs are so good at drawing you into their community (by email, on social media, even in person at events) – you don’t realize you’re a member until someone says – hey I saw your name pop-up.

Those types of experiences teach you a lot about what to do right and wrong in business. You never want to feel ‘sold to’ or have to be ‘convinced’ to be part of a community. And neither do your prospective clients.

Instead you want it to feel so natural, you look up and realize your browser is full of tabs with their content, you look forward to reading their emails, and you can’t wait to hop in the group to see what’s going on.

There’s a natural flow when client attraction is done right. I compare it to playful seduction in today’s throw-back video…

You shouldn’t have to convince people to be part of your community. They should feel so welcome it’s a no-brainer for them to join.

Want to create a welcoming path into your community?

Check this out. It’ll help you attract new people into your community with ease.

About Quiana

Quiana Murray is an award-winning Business Consulting Strategist and Speaker. She helps women over 40 like you, use your corporate career experience to build a successful consulting business. So you create profitable products + services, sell them without feeling sleazy, and scale your business with a rock-solid foundation!