how to stage your space for video recording, part one

How to Stage Your Space For Video Recording, Part I

Staging for video content is super fun and doesn’t cost lots of money! Within the last month I moved my home office up to my bedroom. One of the best ways to make your business videos look super professional, is to stage your space. Staging means to decorate a space so it is visually pleasing.

The problem I had was my new space wasn’t cute or “professional” looking! In other words, it needed staging… BAD!

I decided to put on my creativity cap and stage my new office space in a way that looked nice but also made me motivated to actually record videos in the space.

Selecting Your Space

As I mentioned in the video, I decided to use a smooth wall in my master bedroom. I measured the wall so I knew just how much (or little) I needed to create a nice background effect. My wall is roughly 6 feet wide.

However, I know once I sit in my chair, not all of the wall will be in the video frame. So I did take into account how much space will actually be in the recordings I film. This is important because you don’t want to have your space be too busy (lots of unrelated items that can distract viewers).

Next, I considered natural light. My bedroom has a good amount of natural light. This will work out well so I don’t always have to use my photography lights to brighten my space. I also didn’t want there to be so much light that it would wash me out (create a glare or halo effect) when recording.

Take Action

Tomorrow I’m going to share how I decided what to use when staging for video recording. But first – let’s get you started with staging your space for video recording. Tonight:

  1. Select a space to use for recording videos and live streams. Be sure the space is well lit (or has enough space for you to add lighting).
  2. Measure the length and width of the space you want to stageMake note of exactly how tall and wide the actual video recording area is. Remember, if you’re going to be seated, you don’t need to worry about areas that won’t be in your video frame.
  3. Start thinking of things you can hang on your wall or place behind you. Be sure to think about things you already have around your house.
  • Tape measure – to measure the width of your recording space
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