Article – To Be Successful It’s Going To Be Uncomfortable… At First

Any experienced entrepreneur can tell you – running a business teaches you so much about who you are and often what you’re made of. Most new entrepreneurs approach building a business the same way they built their career.

In most cases that doesn’t work… at all! Still they pour love, long hours, and often lots of money into their business. They go to lunch with biz friends, attend networking events, and even ask their friends and family for referrals.

Then, months later they’re ready to call it quits. Wondering why all their hard work didn’t result in any clients or money. Sadly they try over and over without ever reaching their business goals. Often giving up and going back to a day job.

The Missing Piece

By the time a new entrepreneur (even experienced one) meets with me, they’re convinced they’ve tried everything. They just know they did everything right. Met with the right influencers, wrote the right articles, recorded the right videos and podcasts, and overall took the right actions.

Then I ask them this one question and it stops them in their tracks…

What 5 things did you do this month in your business that stretched you to the point you felt uncomfortable?

Insert lonngggg pause. Almost every single time the prospective client can’t answer this question. I don’t blame them. They’ve read article after article, watched video after video, listened to podcast after podcast; and even took action.

However what they soon realize is they didn’t take actions that would grow their business. Why? They didn’t expand themselves. They talked to the same people, went to the same places, and did the same things.

Success Comes After Discomfort

Business is about growth and experimentation. If you choose to do the same safe things, you won’t be able to push past your current level. With success comes a willingness to do those things that seem big, uncomfortable, and sometimes even scary.

It’s about:

  • Sending that newsletter, even when you’re scared no one will open it.
  • Inviting people into your community, even when you’re worried they may think you’re a fraud.
  • Creating your program and then asking for the sell, even when you’re terrified no one will buy it.

Every entrepreneur who has ever built an engaged email list, created a raving community, and sold out their products or programs, had to step out of their comfort zone. I’ve had to do it. My clients have had to do it. And yes, you will have to do it.

It’s okay to experience discomfort in your business. That’s how you know you’re growing.

Have you been pushing yourself in your business lately?

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