Article – Are You Willing To Be Homeless Chasing Your Dream?

Years ago I was in huge transition. I went from a great job in which I had just received a $20K raise to a major contract loss. The company I worked for, lost the next bid.

Suddenly I was laid off with toddler twins. Smack in the middle of a recession. I was absolutely determined to make my business work. I turned down a number of 9-5 jobs because I was going to make it!

My husband’s business was not bringing in any money. Then tragedy happened. Our landlord lost his home. We moved to another city. Six months later the home we moved into caught fire. There we were, living in a Motel 8. For months. Our toddlers called it the bedroom and loved being in 1 room. Together. All day. Every day.

From Bad To Worse

Things were awful. I decided to take the first 9-5 I could. That job was my worst ever. You know how it is when you’re desperate and take the first thing that comes your way… not good!

Everyone there hated it. I was surround by people complaining all day. Not to mention, the Director was soon “let go” (as in asked to leave) for inappropriate activities.

However, I was able to get us into an apartment. My husband’s business began picking up. And although my business went from full time to part time, my motivation and determination to succeed skyrocketed.

I learned a lot during that time. A lot about survival, business, and preparation. Being homeless was scary but it was also liberating. Every day I woke up and did work I enjoyed (until I took that job). It was the best and worst time of my adult life.

You WILL Survive Even Your Worst Fear

Being homeless has always been an enormous fear of mine. To be homeless with a family, well that was beyond terrifying.

No matter what your biggest fear may be, you must be ready to face it and beat it down in order to reach your goals. It may not get as bad you being homeless, but be ready. The experience won’t be fun, but in the long run, it will create a perseverance you didn’t know you had.

You will face it, get through it, and then look back and realize you are so much stronger than you ever knew. It will create a sense of pride knowing you can make it through the tough times.

You will find yourself even more committed to your dream. To know you faced your greatest fear will wake something up inside you that can only be compared to extreme hunger.

Crushing Fear & Doubt

Before you get to the other side. You will face fear and doubt yourself, You will likely even consider giving up. However, staying in the fight and remaining positive (and yes, that includes taking positive action) will result in a blissful experience on the other side of your hardship.

Remember: these things happen because you’re being prepared for greatness. It’s how you handle the tough times that make the easy time that much better. You’re being polished, allow it to happen so you come out a precious gem.

Your Dream Is Worth It 

When the whole world seems to be crashing down around you, it’s tough to be positive. It’ll feel like the world is against you.

You’ll face embarrassment, fear, and a host of other tough emotions. That is, until you realize you’re doing the work. Don’t give up on your business. Use that as your creative outlet.

Even if it’s just 10 minutes, that 10 minutes will help you make it to the next 10 and then the next 10, and so on. When you’re living passionately and honestly, you’ll find that even when the world is crashing down, you have moments of joy.

You may feel broken but when you create, you feel alive. You suddenly don’t feel the hurts as sharply. In fact, they dull for a bit.

If you can manage to keep your thoughts focused on moving forward, you’ll soon see progress. When I stopped worrying about when my business would pick back up, job was going to come, and husband’s business would improve… I was able to see more options.

Immediately a peace came over me and everything became crystal clear. It wasn’t my job to fix what was wrong per se, it was my job to go with it and keep doing the work.

When I no longer tried to control all the outcomes, so many solutions presented themselves. It was wonderful and exciting. 

Staying In Business Takes Preparation

As I mentioned, back then I ended up needing a 9-5 to be able to afford to stay in business during the recession. If you need to do the same, there is no shame in that! Do what you need to do for you and your family. 

One decision my husband and I made was to keep my assistant even after being homeless. I still had clients and it was important that I fully showed up for them. The same goes for you. Continue to show up for your clients. 

Establish A Solid Business Foundation

I realized early on, having a solid foundation for my business is what allowed me to recession-proof my business. Although things got slow, I was still hitting my business goals. 

Life would’ve been 10x worse if I hadn’t taken the time to set my business up correctly. I would’ve been completely unprepared for the recession and experienced no growth. Not to mention, I would’ve lost clients. 

When you decide to go into business, you’re making a promise to yourself and your clients that you will consistently show up. Yes, even if life gets tough. It’s your responsibility to implement processes and plans that’ll allow you to keep your promise to yourself and your clients.

Are you keeping your promise? Have you taken the time to establish a solid foundation for your business?

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