Article – The 3 Things You Can Do To Have More Time + Way More Money In Your Business

There’s a lot of conflicting advice about how to manage your time in business. Most entrepreneurs need money but spend time doing things that don’t bring money into their business. You don’t need to spend hours designing your website/ blog, writing useless social media posts, or sending emails to your list that don’t convert; just to say you sent a weekly email.

If you’re doing any of these you’re just playing business. You know these time wasting activities aren’t increasing your income or bringing in clients. This is the formula for turning your business into a hobby.

You know those hobby businesses – they look good, have all the cute websites and social media posts, but you never see anyone talking about results. It’s not enough to look like a business, you have to actually have clients to profit in business.

The Only 3 Things You Need To Do To Make Money In Business

To make money in your business you need to do the exact opposite. You only need to do 3 things to make money in your business. 

  1. Marketing. 
  2. Selling.
  3. Delivering.

That’s the whole formula. Simple right? 

Except for most entrepreneurs it’s not. You create so many layers in your business trying to do what you see everyone else doing, that it’s impossible for you to market – sell- deliver. So you’re stuck doing all those useless time wasters I mentioned before. That stops today – it’s time to break the rules.


Okay so you didn’t major in marketing in college. It doesn’t matter. Marketing has gotten a bad wrap in entrepreneur circles. There’s this belief that marketing your business has to be hard. There’s another belief that marketing has to be over-the-top and in-your-face!

That’s not how good marketing works. As someone that built my own and clients’ businesses from scratch… marketing can be quick, easy, and effective at the same time. Something you don’t have to dread!

An excellent example of quick and easy marketing is from the show The Office. Everyone who has ever watched that show knows what Bob Vance does. Why? Because he made his business part of his introduction. He literally introduced himself  – “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration”. I mean… it doesn’t get simpler than that. 

Marketing is promoting your products and services so people can buy them. There are literally thousands of ways to do that. My faves right now are:

  • Affiliates
  • Podcasts 
  • Articles 
  • Social Media 

My clients can tell you, I always opt for simple and effective over complicated. Get creative and pick 1-2 simple ways to market your business. 


Selling is another area in business that gets a bad reputation. Are you ready for this? Listen, selling is business. Period. If you want money in your business you are going to have to sell something. It can be access to you or something you create. But – you will have to sell. Period! 

Refusing to sell in your business is not a process issue – it’s a confidence issue.  When you’re confident in yourself, your services, and your products, you will sell them. And you will sell them a lot. Yes, even if you’re still sensitive to rejection.

Entrepreneurs that don’t sell are usually the ones that get caught up in the spiral of creation. You create content and content and more content. But then can’t find a way to package it all up and sell it to people.

It doesn’t even matter if you set up a sales funnel and write some amazing sales scripts. Without the confidence to put yourself, your products, and/or your services out into the market – you’re just wasting time being busy running a hobby not a business.

You need to start selling. Even if you choose to only sell a few hours of consulting. Selling something is the only way you’re going to consistently have money in your business.

And while we’re at it, steer clear of offers for you to ‘not sell’ products – because the products sell themselves. No they do not! The results may sell themselves – but the person “introducing” you to the product, asking you to try it for a cost – is selling you the product.

That’s why building a community is so important. You can grow a community to sell your products and services for you. But first, you’re going to have to get over your fear and sell.


This is where you’ll have the most fun – delivering your products and services to clients. Delivering is how you actually get your client the solution to whatever need or want they have. As in, the methods you use and expertise you have to help your clients.

Delivering is also a way to generate more sales. The results your clients get will motivate them to refer more clients to you. This fast-tracks making more money in your business. Then, you don’t have to sell as hard or market as much. 

That’s the sweet spot for your business!

Stick with just marketing, selling, and delivering every day. Your business will make more money and you’ll have more time.

Not sure how to set up systems that market – sell – deliver? Start with excellent content. Click here to see how.

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