2020 Is A WILD Ride

I Knew 2020 Was Going To Be A WILD Ride!

Actually 2019 – 2020 has been wild. I started 2019 running my sponsorship consultancy.

Then in Nov 2019 I SOLD it to another company. If you’ve ever sold a biz you know it can be both EXCITING and TERRIFYING. ⁣


Here’s the thing about after you sell… life still goes on. You THINK you’re going to finally catch up on your Netflix shows + just chillax. ⁣

What you don’t expect is that Messenger dings all day and night. Email notifications explode. And your phone starts ringing OFF the hook.

The messages went something like this – Hi Quiana, I saw your (video/post) and see you don’t do sponsorship anymore I was just about to hire you. I still need help with my business. Can you help me?⁣

So, you take the call that becomes a strategy session that becomes a new client. Over and over again. ⁣


I thought I had retired from Biz Consulting. Whenever you think you can just scooch on over away from your purpose… you realize it scooched right on over with you. ⁣

What’s interesting, instead of under 30 people calling, it was the 40+ people. So crazy because these were peeps I’d connected with YEARS ago!⁣

I asked one lady why she waited so long- she didn’t want to do sponsorship, she needed BUSINESS help. She said she stayed in my community because I didn’t JUST talk sponsorship. The biz strategies I shared helped her so she stayed for those.⁣

Yeah, I never stopped working. Except, it doesn’t feel like work. Especially because I didn’t have to promote or market ANYTHING. ⁣


I mean I had no “official” biz. I just existed and people came. I didn’t think about it at all. No launching, product +service planning, setting up funnels… NOTHING. ⁣

I didn’t think about the BUSINESS part of running a biz, it was super chill. I don’t even have a team. It’s an unbusiness. ⁣

The systems I had were still in place. It was easy to onboard clients, manage progress, +collect payments. That’s all. I didn’t even do social media. ⁣

RUNNING A BUSINESS THAT’S PROFITABLE + EASY is what I’m teaching these biz women over 40. You don’t have to #hustle be #teamnosleep or any of the #drama that comes with running creative business or life coach or wellness coach or even event planner biz. ⁣

It’s all so SIMPLE. We complicate things as entrepreneurs. All the ‘you must dos’ get in the way of making $$. Yet when you talk to any successful biz lady it’s simple biz strategies that bring the ⁣money.

I’m teaching my new community to break the rules – stop following the crowd or be the next #bossbabe. You can be YOU – relax +work less hours even sleep in…⁣

And still have a profitable biz you enjoy. With client attraction systems to bring the RIGHT clients that makes business easy!⁣


But what about sponsorship? The old pics will remain up because people still tell me they’re useful. I also have the sponsorship videos on my YouTube channel (here). ⁣


I’m helping BIZ WOMEN OVER 40, fast-track building a successful online service based business.⁣

Which means, things are a-changing on this website – ⁣

✔️ colors ⁣
✔️ content (expect to see more straight talk because you know, chill )⁣
✔️ resources

NEW Podcast + Facebook Community – Create Sell Scale:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/createsellscale/

If you plan on sticking around – YAY! If not, it’s cool and much success ⁣to you!

XO, ⁣


About Quiana

Quiana Murray is the Founder of Spiked Beauty Co. where she formulates cosmetics that are vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and infused with WINE. Before founding Spiked Beauty Co., Quiana was an award-winning Entrepreneur, Sponsorship Strategist, and Speaker.