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Biz Tools
Biz Tools

Biz tools come and go. I've wasted lots of money. Save your coins and learn what's actually working.


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Victoria Robinson
Victoria RobinsonOwner, Topaz Vineyards

I had an exciting business idea but quickly grew overwhelmed trying to implement it. That's when I met Quiana, who is one of the most innovative women I've met. She's literally been consulting me from day 1. Quiana taught me how to build a community of repeat customers and sell my luxury products. She continues to show me the various avenues I can take to make more money, partner with major industry leaders, and grow my business.
I’m happy to report I’ll be opening my own vineyard in Northwest Florida soon. I know the support Quiana gives me is real. She provides so much value!

Keith Belk
Keith Belk Owner, EveryQ

Quiana is my secret weapon. She helps my company determine our annual growth strategy. Before working with Quiana I was putting in lots of hours with no real results. Our email list wasn't growing, we had no real community, and I was forced to sell ad space on our site to try and bring in a money. My first conversation with Quiana led to practical action steps I could immediately implement. I hired her on the spot and haven't looked back! Now I get to work less hours, make more money, and there's no guess-work. I’m blown away by how fast this all came together. I highly recommend Quiana’s strategies.

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Starting a business when you're living with ADHD takes a different approach. You don't have time for fluff, slow launches, or unproven strategies. Learn what works and how to implement fast.

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I understand. Starting a business can be very confusing. Click the button below to read the article I wrote for new and prospective small business owners living with ADHD.

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